Pink aunty

She stared into the vast openness of yellow and brown, contemplating whether she should reduce her life by seven more minutes. The day was almost done and she wasn’t going anywhere. She was stuck. Dead end job. Her life was confined to an infinite loop which consisted of eating, working and sleeping. She didn’t live. She existed. Her only respite from the monotony was the occasional cigarette break. 

6.45, her watch read. Still another hour before her hostel gates shut. “Chuck it” she mumbles to herself and her imaginary friend. Her trembling fingers slowly unwrap the plastic off the box of tens. She pulls out a cig and lights it. A few old aunties passing by stare at her, aghast. “Loose woman” they think to themselves, tutting.

Here’s my problem. Stereotypes. Each and everyone of us are guilty of profiling, judging or classifying people based on very little information. Its wrong. We know it. Yet we continue to do it. I leave the Ask me anything section of my blog anonymous. This means that a person can post any question directly to me without leaving behind any trace for me to figure out who it is. A few hours ago someone asked me:

"I see you wear a lot of pink! Are you gay?"

The question by itself is harmless and really wasn’t put forward to create a controversy. I laughed at it too. But then I started thinking…was it immaturity or a deeper underlying reason which caused people to associate a man wearing pink with being a homosexual? I’m not gay but I have a few friends who are and they don’t go running about wearing the brightest pink shirts they can find coupling it up with matching shoes. They are people. 2 ears, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1mouth- normal people. Like you and me. So why judge? 

A few weeks ago, I walked into a Titan watch showroom. A young boy was with his mom trying out the Fasttrack watches. His eyes fell upon a dull pink watch which he liked. His mom took one look at it and said “Pink is a girls color. Try blue?” My question is why?

Why is pink a girls color? Who decided it? Your guess is probably better than mine. 

Lets go back to the smoking woman. Smoking is bad for you. It will kill you and in a manner which would make even the bravest of the brave shiver. But if a person wishes to smoke away his present and future, try to stop him/her without judging that person. No aunty, she isn’t loose…so stop tutting. 

Here’s the thing. I’m going to keep the Ask me anything section of the blog open and anonymous. I like it that way. Feel free to ask me to blog about anything which is close to you or if you want me to incorporate something more into this space. Also I’m going to pick the wackiest question every week and answer it. You can leave your name if you want to be acknowledged. Keep it clean guys!

Till we meet again,



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